Xposed Additions Pro 3.5.5 APK

Xposed Additions Pro

App Name: Xposed Additions Pro
Version: 3.5.5
Package Name: com.spazedog.xposed.additionsgb
Category: Tools
Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
File Size: 1.3 MB



Xposed Additions Pro 3.5.5 APK
Xposed Additions Pro 3.5.5 APK

What’s New

Added new SELinux workaround.
Hopefully this will take care of the rest of the configuration problems


tempohari.com — Add new actions like click, long press, double tap, triple tap and so on, to any physical button on your device. Actions can be anything from mirroring a different button to launching applications or shortcuts. Xposed Additions Pro gives you the most powerful re-map system for any mobile operating system and allows you to choose exactly what your buttons should do and when/where to do it.

Xposed Additions contains a module for the famous Xposed Framework, which is a 3’rd party framework for Android that provides new and more powerful options for app development. This framework is what makes this type of feature possible and it is a requirement in getting this to work. Please make sure to install it before or after installing this app.

Re-Map Features

  • Mirror any button action
  • Both Click and Long Press actions
  • Create different conditional setup per button
  • Application specific conditions (PRO)
  • Additional Double and Triple actions (PRO)
  • Button Combo events (PRO)
  • Launch Applications and Shortcuts (PRO)
  • Launch Tasker actions (PRO)
  • Optional interaction with keyboard, mouse, headset buttons and more…

Other Features

  • Enable rotation for all applications
  • Handle screen state on USB Plug/UnPLug depending on plug type

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