Root Cleaner | System Eraser 7.1.0 Apk

Root Cleaner

Details of Root Cleaner | System Eraser 7.1.0
App Name: Root Cleaner | System Eraser
Version: 7.1.0
Package Name: com.smartprojects.RootCleaner
Category: Tools
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
File Size: 4.1 MB



Root Cleaner | System Eraser 7.1.0 APK
Root Cleaner | System Eraser 7.1.0 APK
What’s New:

Added widget
Fixed issue with detecting external storage
Fixed other minor issues


Root Cleaner | System Eraser 7.1.0 Apk


Description — Main purpose of application Root Cleaner is to scan your device to find all useless files and folders in your system and on your storage and clean it. Useless files and folders are cache, empty folders, temporary files, log files, dormant files and folders, leftovers in your system, gallery thumbnails and recovery files. By this cleaning procedure you can simply erase all mess in your system, empty your storage and boost your performance! Root Cleaner also automatically notifies you when it finds 50 or more files for cleaning, so you can erase it immediately. You can also set cleaning interval and after that, Root Cleaner will clean your device automatically during the day according to your settings.

Other purpose of this application is optimizing your system by cleaning dalvik cache and fixing permissions of your system applications. And last but not least, this application also contains App manager which allows you to uninstall, clear data and freeze or unfreeze all your system and downloaded applications.

– Cleaning memory
– Cleaning empty folders
– Cleaning dormant files and folders
– Cleaning temporary files
– Cleaning log files
– Cleaning leftovers
– Cleaning init.d folder
– Cleaning recovery files
– Cleaning gallery thumbnails
– Cleaning application cache

– Fixing permissions
– Cleaning dalvik cache

★App manager
– Uninstall app
– Clear app data
– Freeze app
– Unfreeze app

– Total memory
– Internal storage
– External storage
– Cache
– Data
– System

★Daytime notifications
★Cleaning interval
★Widget (will be available in future update)


Mod: Credits: Alex
Network is disabled by default, respectively, nothing in the background will not load.
Download “Recommended apps” no longer works.
Languages: English, Russian.
Optimized graphics / Zipalign


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