Kernel Booster 1.3.4 Premium Apk

Kernel Booster

Details of Kernel Booster 1.3.4 Premium
App Name: Kernel Booster
Version: 1.3.4 Premium Unlocked
Package ID: com.smartprojects.KernelBooster
Category: Tools
Requirements: Android 3.0+ | ROOT
File Size: 5.5 MB



Kernel Booster 1.3.4 Premium APK
Kernel Booster 1.3.4 Premium APK

What’s New

Minor changes
Fixed minor issues


Kernel Booster 1.3.4 Premium Apk

Description — Kernel Booster is the simplest application for kernel tuning and controlling. Just set a governor and simply tune it for increasing battery life or performance by slider. Kernel Booster also allows you to choose your scheduler according to effect on your battery life, multitasking or performance. You can also modify other kernel features like MIN / MAX frequency settings, CPU idle mode, and many more.

-CPU load
-CPU frequency
-Device name
-Chip name
-Number of cores
-Time in state

-Governor settings
-Tuning governor to increase battery life or performance

-Internal scheduler
-External scheduler – Only in Premium version
-Scheduler settings to increase battery life, multitasking or performance

-MIN frequency settings
-MAX frequency settings
-[!]Gentle fair sleepers settings
-[!]Arch power settings
-[!]Schedule multi-core power savings (hotplugging, battery saving, performance)
-[!]CPU idle mode
-TCP congestion control

[!] – Required kernel support


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Kernel Booster 1.3.4 Premium Apk (5.5 MB
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