GBInstagram 1.20 (Instagram Mod Plus & Dual) Apk

GBInstagram Instagram Mod

Details for GBInstagram 1.20 (Instagram Mod Plus & Dual)
App Name: GBInsta – GBInstagram
Version: 1.2.0 (base
Package ID: &
Category: Social
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Size: 39.6 MB


What’s New

[ New ] Base Updated to (Beta)
[ Added ] Options to Theme Home Feeds Page (Mod 4.1 – Mod 4.5)
[ Added ] Polls
[ Added ] Ability to Theme Like Color in Direct Message (DM) (1.2.17)
[ Added ] Ability to Theme Like Color in Main/Chats Screen (Mod 2.2.11)
[ Added ] Option to Save/Load/Share/Clear Theme (Gbsettings > More)
[ Fixed ] Translucent Mod
[ Fixed ] Bubble Theme Color
Many More Fixes…

[ Added ] Preview for Videos/Images (Now you can play Videos in External/Favourite Video Player)
[ Added ] Ability to Download More than 1 Image at once from a Single Post.
[ Added ] Themed Comments Page (Mod 3.x)
[ Added ] GBSettings Icon on Header of Profile.
[ Fixed ] Image Share Icon.
Many Stability Fixes.


Description — GBInstagram+ and GBInsta are modified version of Instagram application for android.
With these mod, beside you will get more features than the official app, also you can run two different accounts from the same phone without the need to hazzle yourself by login and logout everytime you need your second account.

GBInstagram+ & GBInsta Features
🔹 Based on
🔹 Ability to Zoom Profile Pics
🔹 Ability to Download Videos/Images
🔹 Ability to Share/Copy URL
🔹 Ability to Download Stories
🔹 Ability to Theme Chats
🔹 Ability to Theme Comments Page
🔹 Ability to Copy Comments
🔹 Ability to Translate Comments
🔹 Ability to Copy Bio
🔹 Ability to Support Links In-App
🔹 Option to Start Videos Directly with Sound.
🔹 Know Who Follows You.


1. Everything Works as it Should… So kindly check everything from your end before reporting.
2. Don’t forget to give permissions from phone settings > storage before you try to download image/videos
3. GBInstagram Themes has been already added in OSMThemes App Available on PlayStore.


If you want to login with Facebook account or link your Facebook account, please do the step below;

  1. Uninstall/Disable Facebook application
  2. Install GBInstagram
  3. Click on Login with Facebook
  4. ‎Once Logged in you can install/enable the Facebook application again.

The second method is login with your credential (email & password).
for this method, you can simply install GBInstagram and login. No need to uninstall or disable Facebook application.


Credits : Omar ( atnfas_hoak )


Free Download:
GBInstagram 1.20 (Instagram Mod Plus & Dual) Apk

DUAL ( (you don’t need to uninstall official app if you already have it installed)
Link 1 | Link 2

PLUS ( (You will need to uninstall official app if you already have it installed)
Link 1 | Link 2


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