Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine (UWTE) Full 5.4.1 Apk

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Details of UWTE 5.4.1 Full
App Name: Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine
Version: 5.4.1 Unlocked
Package ID: in.proficientapps.uwte.trial
Category: Personalization
Requirements: Android 4.1+, Root , Xposed Framework
File Size: 3.7 MB



Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine (UWTE) Full 5.4.1 APK
Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine (UWTE) Full 5.4.1 APK
What’s New:

** Fixed:
1. Views overlapping each other and Text showing in Right-To-Left format in Sent message bubbles while Own Avatar mod is active.
** Removed:
1. Unused Permissions.
2. Parse Push Message Service related library files, Permissions, source files.



tempohari.com — Your best companion to Theme WhatsApp to your liking.

Features :
Two Different Theme Types :
1. Primary Theme : Choose Primary Colour and Accent Colour and leave everything else to US. We will create an exciting combination of these to colours to theme your WhatsApp.
2. Own Creativity Theme : Want full control over how your WhatsApp look like? No problem at all. We too feel the same. Bring out the artist inside you and create your own combination of colours to theme your WhatsApp.

Extra Mods :
No matter which type of theme you choose, you can still change few other components as per your liking. These include[as of current version] :
1. Input Circle Shape[Only till Kitkat, Sorry Lollipop Users].
2. Message Indicator Shape[Colour too in Own Creativity Theme].
3. Bubbles Style[In & out]
4. App Name : Change WhatsApp Name to your liking.

Free to use, limited access to features.
No time limit.

Paid[License Key + Free Version] :
All features unlocked.
Same as 15 days trial version except that there’s no time limit for it.



Download Free:
Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine (UWTE) Full 5.4.1 Apk (3.6 MB)
Link 1 | Link 2


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