GPS Bridge 11.0 (Maps to Sygic) APK

App Name: GPS Bridge (Formerly Maps to Sygic)
Version: 11.0
Package Name: wizzyfx.maps2sygic
Category: Transportation
Requirements: Android 2.2 and higher
File Size: 1.5 MB

GPS Bridge 11.0 ( formerly Maps to Sygic) APK
GPS Bridge 11.0 ( formerly Maps to Sygic) APK

What’s New

  1. Name change due to trademark issues.
  2. Minor bug fixes.
  3. Added support for sharing locations from Yandex, Nokia Here,, and a few other map providers.
  4. URL handler for Google Maps links.
  5. Transferred locations can now be received by apps other than Sygic.

Description — This application lets you send Google Maps™ search results, favorite places and other POI’s to Sygic™ with a single click.
This means that you can now search the place you want to go using Google Maps™, and navigate to that location using Sygic™.

Note: this is not a standalone navigation app, It’s a bridge between Google Maps and Sygic. You must have Internet access
and the latest Sygic (Aura v12 and higher) installed on your mobile device in order to use this app.


  1. Tap on any place mark or search result in the Google Maps™ app and open place details.
  2. Select “Share” and tap on “Maps to Sygic“.
  3. Before navigation, always check if the destination is correctly set and the route is calculated accordingly.


  • This application requires Sygic™ Aura v12+ and a fairly recent version of Google Maps™ to be installed on your mobile device. Not compatible with older versions.
  • This app doesn’t work off-line; an Internet connection is required.
  • Accuracy of the destination point may be off to a certain degree.


  • Internet Access: In order to save battery and data, the processing required to extract coordinate information
    is done in the cloud. Remember, neither your location nor any other identifying information is ever sent outside your
    device. Currently, less than a few kilobytes is required for each conversion.
  • Network Status: Required to check if you are connected to the Internet.

Google Maps™ and Sygic™ are trademarks of their respective owners. This app is not affiliated with either of these companies.


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