WhatsMapp SOLO 1.1.1 Apk


App Name: WhatsMapp Solo
Version: 1.1.1
Requirements: Android 2.3 and higher
Category: Communications
File Size: 17.3 MB (Variant 1) 20.4 MB (Variant 2)


What’s New

  1. Base updated to 2.12.62 (Play Store)
  2. Image preview option added. (Tap on the second icon on image to see it without downloading it)
  3. Made SMS verification working. Means no hassle to take backup and restore them. Simply install app and add number and verify through sms. (Thanks to +Giovanni Terlingen and Steve).
  4. Renamed Archit Mods to ‘Visual Mods’ and it can be access through FAB.
  5. Renamed Psy Mods to ‘Privacy Mods’ and it can be access through FAB.
  6. Materialized the layout of in-call activity.
  7. Added Group Stats in Group info screen. Shows message count by a particular user.
  8. Made the app Mod-able.
  9. Added a new mod ‘Online status on chat rows’ will be functional in next update.
  10. Other small changes and fixes. * ContactPicker crash fixed.


tempohari.com‘WhatsMapp Solo’ a WhatsApp MOD. which provides material design and some other cool features with stock WhatsApp like speed and stability and with a different packagename. Which means, you can install this app with your current WhatsApp app and have two numbers working at same time!

-Thanks to Archit Jain for his mods.


– Last seen hide
– Blue tick hide
– Double tick hide
– Hide typing..
– Change Icon
– ActionBar color changing
– Navigationbar color changing (Lollipop Only)
– StatusBar color changing (Lollipop only)
– Fastest Mod of whatsApp
– AntiBan code added
Features not working (For now)
– Online status on Chat Rows.
– Pattern lock on whatsapp.
– Chat balloons colors not working.

>Just install the app and go through SMS verification. (Works!)

Procedure to install for first Time:

1- Install WhatsMapp Solo.
2- Verify through SMS or voice call.
3- Done!


Download free WhatsMapp SOLO 1.1.1 Apk

Variant 1: Stock Emoji


Variant 2: Google Emoji