WhatsMapp 1.2.0 (Fastest Moded WhatsApp) APK


App Name: WhatsMapp (Fastest Moded WhatsApp)
Version: 1.2.0
Package Name: com.whatsapp
Category: Communications
Requirements: Android 2.3 and higher
File Size: 17.6 MB



WhatsMapp 1.2.0 [Fastest Moded Whatsapp] APK
WhatsMapp 1.2.0 [Fastest Moded Whatsapp] APK
Changelog 1.2.0
  • Search in conversation bug fixed.
  • Setting wallpaper to none bug fixed.
  • A lot of icons fixed and resized.
  • Added search FAB on ‘Contacts’ tab.
  • Fixed contact info activity showing status weirdly.
  • Replaced ‘new chat’ FAB with ‘Status’ fab.
  • Materialized the layout of in-call activity.
  • ‘Call’ button in Conversation screen moved to menu. (To avoid accidently calling.)
  • Added an option to add a pattern lock on WhatsApp through ArchitMods.
  • Removed ‘Hide mods in menu’ option from PsyMods because calls are official for everyone.
  • Added hexcode option for chat balloon colors.
  • Fixed green tinting on right chat balloon. Now you can set it white.
  • New Mod to change background of ‘Chats’ tab. (Don’t set it black to avoid conflict with black fonts.)
  • Removed PsyMods from Settings.
  • Profile pictures on Voice Notes are circle now. (Thanks to xxDamage)
  • Fixed Google Emojis and increased the quality of them and location, video, contact icons materialized. (Thanks to Niklas Schnettler)
  • Chat input background bugs fixed. (Thanks to Rachit Sharma)
  • Other small changes and fixes.


tempohari.com — ‘WhatsMapp’ a WhatsApp MOD. which provides material design and some other cool features with stock WhatsApp like speed and stability.

‘WhatsMapp’ a WhatsApp FASTER MOD. which provides material design and some other cool features with stock WhatsApp like speed and stability.

  1. FAB added
  2. Chat ballon color changable
  3. Tabs are now customizable
  4. FAB animation added (Must try)
  5. Group and Contact info redesigned
  6. Chat input field with transparency
  7. Added PsyMods, ArchitMods in overflow menu and added Settings back in the menu.
  8. Added option to restart app in PsyMods.
  9. Added PsyMods translation for Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese(Brazil), French.
  10. Google emoji’s fixed.
  11. Some hdpi icons fixed and other small changes.
  12. Added ability to move whatsapp to sdcard
  13. Hide online status
  14. Blue tick hide
  15. Double tick hide
  16. Hide typing..
  17. Change Icon
  18. ActionBar color changing
  19. Navigationbar color changing (Lollipop Only)
  20. StatusBar color changing (Lollipop only)
  21. Fastest Moded whatsapp
  22. AntiBan code added
  23. WhatsApp base 2.12.5 (Play Store)

Procedure to install for first Time:

  1. Install stock whatsapp from playstore
  2. Verify and chat at least one person.
  3. Create backup of chat from Whatsapp settings.
  4. Unistall stock whatsapp.
    And install WhatsMapp.
  5. Verify number and restore chats
  6. You are ready to rock!

This is certainly a fastest mod of whatsapp app that include additional privacy features (hide online status, hide blue tick, hide double tick) and some interface settings.